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EnergyHub Launches Electric Vehicle Grid Management Solution for Utilities

EnergyHub Team

July 26, 2022

Electric Vehicle Grid Management Solution for Utilities

Brooklyn, NY, July 26, 2022: Today, EnergyHub announced EnergyHub EV, an offering for utilities that delivers electric vehicle demand flexibility coupled with a powerful EV data management system.

EnergyHub EV is built on the core of EnergyHub’s Mercury DERMS platform, the most widely deployed grid-edge DERMS. EnergyHub works with over 60 leading utilities and in power markets to aggregate and manage more than 700,000 thermostats, electric vehicles and electric vehicle chargers, water heaters, energy storage systems, inverters, and commercial & industrial sites as virtual power plants.

EnergyHub’s EV solution enables vehicle-to-grid integration and improves grid efficiency and reliability with a singular focus on customer-friendly, electric vehicle charging management. The solution supports all electric vehicles and charging stations, aggregates data and generates valuable insights, manages various customer rates, incentives, and rebate models, and intelligently optimizes charging to deliver value to the customer and the grid.

EnergyHub EV now delivers unrivaled access to EVSEs and EVs. The company offers rich telematics data from more vehicles than any other solution on the market. The Electric Vehicle Data Management System (EV DMS) delivers critical insights and enables time-varying rates and incentive programs that allow utilities to optimize driver charging behaviors. Optimized charging offers daily load shifting and targeted distribution capacity relief, laying the foundation for vehicle-to-grid services. A new mobile app will allow drivers to personalize charging preferences, increasing value to utilities and customers.

“Leading utilities are preparing now for the mass adoption of EVs. EnergyHub EV provides visibility, data, and customer-authorized control across the ecosystem to improve grid reliability and reduce costs,” said Seth Frader-Thompson, CEO of EnergyHub. “Most importantly, we make it easy for drivers to participate in load-flexibility programs that ensure their cars are charged when they need them and they can share in the benefits created by these programs.”

EnergyHub client National Grid noted, “We are accelerating electric vehicle adoption and supporting our customers as part of our Net Zero by 2050 Plan. EnergyHub’s flexible solution allows us to collaborate with automakers and drivers on one platform, giving us the tools we need to keep our customers connected and engaged,” said Chris Porter, Director Customer Energy Management at National Grid.

The EnergyHub EV solution builds on EnergyHub’s innovative Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) delivery model and suite of services. This approach allows utilities and partners to deliver compelling EV programs to their customers that are easy to join, offer maximum choice in vehicles and chargers, and provide compelling rewards.

ChargePoint, a leading EV charging network, has utilized this approach. “Working with EnergyHub provides direct access to these compelling programs at some of the largest utilities in the U.S. and ensures EV drivers have a convenient charging experience at home,” said Justin Wilson, Director, Public Policy at ChargePoint.

EnergyHub is an independent subsidiary of (NASDAQ: ALRM), the leading platform for the intelligently connected property.

About EnergyHub

EnergyHub is the leading grid-edge DERMS provider. Utilities rely on EnergyHub’s Mercury DERMS platform to manage all distributed energy resources to serve grid and market objectives. EnergyHub works with over 60 utilities in North America to manage more than 2,900 MW of flexible capacity. We empower utilities and their customers to create a clean, distributed energy future. For more information, visit

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