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The leading enterprise grid-edge DERMS platform

Transforming variable and customer-constrained distributed energy resources (DERs) into mission critical, virtual resources at scale.

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Purpose-built to handle scale and complexity

The unique capability of EnergyHub’s grid-edge DERMS to be customer-centric and manage multiple DER classes at scale, makes it a critical element of fully integrated, holistic utility planning and operations.


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Grid services

Real and reactive power control for advanced grid services across the network hierarchy to integrate renewables at scale while managing the grid reliably.

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Resource formation

The Mercury DERMS platform provides a suite of features that support the entire customer-owned DER acquisition, enrollment, and aggregation lifecycle. 


The platform is integrated with all leading DER vendors through industry open-standards and protocols


Providing a portal to register and manage C&I sites and aggregators


The platform supports seamless DER enrollment and verification at scale


Allowing users to easily group and tag resources based on location, class, and operational parameters

Situational awareness

The platform provides utilities critical visibility into grid-edge resources across the network hierarchy. The platform can identify, monitor, and forecast DERs at user-defined levels of granularity.

DER monitoring

Fundamental information such as DER connectivity, operating mode, location, real-time load to inform utility load management strategies. 

Flexibility forecasting

Flexibility forecasts display forecasted load reduction for connected DERs, giving utility operators continual insight on expected, aggregated resource availability.

Load forecasting

Load forecasts equip utility operators with the ability to view forecasted load across DERs under management to accurately predict load activity

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Optimized control

The platform’s AI-enabled control optimization framework intelligently operationalizes DERs to ensure that utilities achieve desired outcomes while taking into consideration the operational, financial, and customer constraints associated with each individual (and cohorts of) DER(s). 

Asset modeling

Applying machine learning to equipment state and data to build a physical model for each DER, and using that in concert with customer constraints and external data, such as weather, to determine the optimal control strategy.

Autonomous services

The platform offers the ability to automate load reduction based on external data feeds, including grid operations and market feeds, from utility or non-utility systems. These triggers can include nodal pricing or local network load.

Aggregation optimization

Aggregation optimization ensures that DERs behave like reliable generation and are guaranteed to achieve a load reduction target while maintaining the desired load shape. This allows utilities to pursue aggressive load shed targets without jeopardizing customer satisfaction.

Inter-DER optimization

Different DER classes and brands come with unique capabilities and operational constraints. The grid-edge DERMS takes into consideration DER-specific attributes before determining which assets are best suited to provide the requested service.

Performance measurement

Granular analysis of the performance of DER portfolios, allowing utility operators to assess and track the efficacy of the grid services requested.

Impact assessment

Estimating the results of grid services against configurable baselines

Event reporting

End-to-end reporting on event performance, including participation metrics and load impact

Incentive tracking and management

Calculating and managing customer incentives and rebates


Enabling the settlement of capacity in various energy markets

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