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Bring Your Own Thermostat® (BYOT) solutions

EnergyHub pioneered the Bring Your Own Thermostat® (BYOT) model and today manages the largest aggregation of connected thermostats in the US. EnergyHub works with utilities to design, launch, and run BYOT programs that deliver cost-effective and reliable load shaping along with a best-in-class user experience for consumers.

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Rapid Program Growth

Our BYOT solution helps utilities consistently meet and exceed their goals for thermostat resources. Our automated enrollment and verification technology, high-performing acquisition marketing services, and the industry’s largest thermostat partner ecosystem all contribute to reliable and rapidly scalable BYOT portfolios.

Reliable and Predictable Load Shed

Utilities expect BYOT resources to deliver load shed when called upon, and EnergyHub’s solution ensures consistent performance. Features such as our proprietary Firm Load Dispatch maximize load shed and deliver a sustained MW reduction over the course of a demand response event, producing a curve similar to that of a generation resource.

Multi-DER Strategy

More and more utilities want to manage DER portfolios with multiple asset classes alongside thermostats, such as batteries, electric vehicle charging, and commercial and industrial resources. The Mercury DERMS platform takes into consideration DER-specific capabilities to determine the best possible strategy for providing grid services with a diverse DER portfolio.

A Best-in-Class BYOT Solution

EnergyHub brings more expert services and technical capabilities to BYOT programs than any other solution provider. Our BYOT solution has been proven at scale over years of working with leading utilities.

Automated Enrollment

Our platform verifies utility customer enrollment in utility programs quickly and accurately without the need for manual review.

Firm Load Dispatch®

Powered by machine learning, our dispatch technology optimizes for load shed and customer comfort for the most reliable load shed possible.

Marketplace API

Our integration with utility marketplace solution providers enable enrollment at the point of purchase to drive device adoption and program growth.

Dual Program Enrollment

We take into account utility service territories and fuel-source validation to enroll customers in both gas and electric thermostat demand response programs.

Case study CTA

The combination of EnergyHub’s expertise in running successful BYOT programs with the capabilities of the EnergyHub DERMS platform puts us in the best position to achieve LADWP’s goals.

Jason Rondou

Director of Clean Grid LA Strategy at LADWP

BYOT Success at Scale

EnergyHub’s BYOT solution has been proven at scale by some of the largest utilities in the country.


Utilities rely on EnergyHub to manage their thermostat aggregations


homes have access to BYOT programs


thermostats enrolled on average in leading programs

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Services to meet your enrollment goals

EnergyHub’s BYOT solution includes support from our acquisition marketing services to meet and exceed utility enrollment goals. Program experts leverage marketing best practices and our experience with communicating to utility customers to grow our clients’ DER programs. Our acquisition marketing team takes a consultative approach to communicate DER program offers across mediums including DER partner channels, utility emails, search advertising, social media, and more.

Thermostat Partners

EnergyHub represents the largest DER partner ecosystem in the industry. We integrate with all leading thermostat providers, ensuring utilities can scale their programs and support customer choice.


EnergyHub provided AVANGRID with a single platform that gave our customers real choice in how they participated in our demand response program

Reggie Hoffman

Program Manager, Demand Response Program, AVANGRID

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