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EnergyHub empowers utilities to manage a cleaner, more reliable grid

We work with IOUs, municipal utilities, and co-ops across the country to harness distributed energy resources (DERs) at the grid edge to meet their immediate needs and long-term strategic goals.

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Our Clients' Impact

Intelligent flexibility delivering reliability and resilience at scale

Utilities use EnergyHub's platform to form and manage reliable virtual power plants (VPPs) that they can count on to meet critical grid needs. We provide resource formation, situational awareness, and optimized control that meet client needs whether they're preparing for the proliferation of new technologies, shaping load on a daily basis, or responding to emergencies during extreme conditions.

APS has worked with EnergyHub to manage and grow our multi-DER portfolio. This year, our DERs provided nearly 80 megawatts of flexible capacity to our system, helping us achieve cost-savings for our customers and a cleaner, more reliable electric grid. DERs are delivering value and we're excited to continue to innovate with EnergyHub to find customer-focused energy solutions that bolster affordability, reliability and that align with our clean energy goals.

Kerri Carnes

Director, Customer to Grid Solutions at APS

Intelligent flexibility delivering reliability and resilience at scale
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Putting the customer first

Our utility clients partner with their customers to address short-term and long-term grid challenges. Our solutions prioritize the customer experience every step of the way, ensuring a win-win for utilities and their customers.

EnergyHub provided AVANGRID with a single platform that gave our customers real choice in how they participated in our demand response program.

Reggie Hoffman

Program Manager, Demand Response Program, AVANGRID

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Innovating at the grid edge

EnergyHub helps clients stay at the cutting edge of innovation in the DER space. From EVs to energy storage solutions and beyond, we help utilities seamlessly integrate additional DER classes and new brands into flexibility programs, driving scale and delivering on evolving client objectives.

We are accelerating electric vehicle adoption and supporting our customers as part of our Net Zero by 2050 Plan. EnergyHub's flexible solution allows us to collaborate with automakers and drivers on one platform, giving us the tools we need to keep our customers connected and engaged.

Chris Porter

Director Customer Energy Management

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Enabling transformational change with a customer focus

Achieving 100% renewable energy by 2035 will require the United States to decarbonize between one and two terawatts (TW) of power generation.


Transforming our electrical system will only be possible when massive flexibility - on the order of 500 GW - is available to match demand to the variable nature of renewables.


As the industry's largest provider of Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS), EnergyHub is committed to using a customer-centric approach to deliver on our clients' decarbonization goals.

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Grow your impact

Whether your organization has a robust decarbonization and resilience strategy or you're just beginning to consider how flexibility at the grid edge can help you achieve your goals, EnergyHub has a customer-centric solution to meet your needs.