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An enterprise DERMS built for the grid edge

EnergyHub’s DERMS platform and utility services deliver comprehensive integrated solutions for all aspects of DER management, providing value to the grid. Utilities rely on EnergyHub to manage sophisticated DER portfolios across all types of resources, both customer and utility-owned.


Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) for any DER

EnergyHub introduced the turn-key BYOD model to the market and has evolved its delivery over the years, designed to help utilities meet grid needs while providing an excellent customer experience. This model allows utilities to seamlessly enroll, monitor, and manage all classes of customer-owned DERs at scale. Our vendor-neutral approach gives utilities access to the largest ecosystem of customer-owned DERs and enables customer choice.


 EnergyHub provided AVANGRID with a single platform that gave our customers real choice in how they participated in our demand response program.

Reggie Hoffman

Program Manager, AVANGRID

Commercial and industrial demand response

EnergyHub provides a commercial and industrial (C&I) solution to enable utilities to enroll commercial sites and aggregators in demand response programs, giving utilities another tool to reduce load during peak hours. Utilities can manage C&I and residential resources with one DERMS provider, streamlining the complexity of their DER portfolios. 


Control your own assets

EnergyHub works with utilities to manage any resources at the grid edge, including utility-owned DERs. EnergyHub integrates directly with DER manufacturers to orchestrate utility-owned assets based on grid requirements.


EnergyHub, the grid-edge fleet DERMS provider with the largest portfolio in the US, continues to expand integration and partnerships with manufacturers and has become the sole touchpoint between customer-side resources and utility systems.

Fei Wang

Grid Edge Research Manager, Wood Mackenzie

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