The EnergyHub Mercury DERMS

A platform built for the grid edge

The growth of distributed energy resources (DERs) is transforming the electric grid. EnergyHub’s Mercury DERMS empowers utilities and aggregators with tools to harness the unique capabilities of multiple classes of DERs and provide valuable grid services. Utilities use Mercury for end-to-end program management: from enrollment, to control, to data analysis and optimization.


Advanced asset management strategies

Mercury analyzes vast amounts of data, bundles and intelligently dispatches grid assets — either through automation or manual execution. Mercury provides monitoring and dispatch tools from an individual device to an entire fleet. The platform offers demand response, load shifting, solar monitoring, advanced rate management, and a variety of other grid services. Learn more about EnergyHub's approach to asset management by downloading our white paper, "Managing grid-edge DERs for grid reliability."

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Actionable insights from the grid edge

Mercury’s powerful analytics engine learns resource consumption and production patterns and determines the dispatch flexibility of DERs in order to provide real-time forecasts of both load and production across a fleet of connected devices. These forecasts allow Mercury to optimally allocate resources to meet a utility’s grid management priorities, and inform the dispatch strategies Mercury implements using those resources.


Proven program enablement

Developed based on EnergyHub’s expertise in enabling customer participation in utility DER programs, Mercury’s enrollment management capabilities are designed to increase customer satisfaction and maximize enrollment. Mercury offers program managers an end-to-end program package, which includes customer-facing enrollment websites, enrollment processing using EnergyHub’s Automated Enrollment Verification technology, and APIs integrated with EnergyHub’s DER partners to seamlessly bring program offers directly to the customer.


Utility-grade infrastructure

Alongside EnergyHub’s industry-leading roster of fully integrated device partners, the Mercury DERMS is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing utility data platforms — including CIS and MDMS. Mercury also works in tandem with an ADMS, providing monitoring information and dispatch access to DERs. Mercury employs end-to-end platform security, ranging from secure transfer and storage of customer information to authentication protocols when interacting with devices and utility systems.

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Learn how the Mercury DERMS helps utilities manage a diverse range of distributed energy resources and improve grid reliability.