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Enabling enterprise-wide DER access

As the only enterprise platform that is built to bridge the gap between customer-owned assets and utility operations, EnergyHub plays a unique role in facilitating the interaction between other utility enterprise platforms and behind-the-meter DERs.


Integrating with complementary utility systems

While the Mercury DERMS is a fully independent grid-edge platform, it is designed for seamless and scalable integration with complementary utility systems including the CIS, MDMS, market systems, ADMS, and other enterprise platforms.


Bringing DERs into the control room

As utility DER portfolios reach a level of scale that is significant to grid operators, EnergyHub’s grid-edge DERMS can integrate with the utility ADMS - allowing grid operators to reach behind-the-meter to assets for localized grid services and enhanced situational awareness.


Providing grid operators with situational awareness of what lies behind the meter


Allows grid operators to request mission-critical grid services


Enabling large, MW scale portfolios of customer-owned assets to serve as reliable assets

Seamlessly integrate DERs into the customer engagement lifecycle

Supercharge DER program enrollment rates

Promote DER adoption

Enable a DER-aware customer experience

Integrate with behavioral demand response programs


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