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EnergyHub EV

EnergyHub EV provides utilities with the expertise and support needed to ensure that behavioral charging, managed charging, and charging analytics programs are reliably delivered. By providing near real-time EV insights and managing charging, EnergyHub EV allows utilities to unlock grid value from EVs and optimize program performance, all while delighting customers.

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EnergyHub EV delivers value for drivers, utilities, and manufacturers

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Proven program delivery and expert supporting services
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Driver-first experience for a customer-centric approach to EV charging
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Unlock value from EV resources through reliable data and managed charging
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Powered by the EnergyHub DERMS

The EnergyHub EV solution is built on the core EnergyHub DERMS platform. This is the foundational platform that includes integrations to EV OEMs, EVSEs, and EV aggregators. It also includes the enrollment infrastructure, data, and analytics necessary to generate value and insights for utilities. The DERMS for EnergyHub EV has four key components:

Engage Drivers
Data and Reporting
EnergyHub EV maximizes customer choice with the largest partner ecosystem of EVs and EVSEs to enable scale.
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Engage Drivers
EnergyHub EV allows customers to enroll cars and chargers via preferred channels, from web, to email, to OEM app or through EnergyHub's ChargingRewards app. Utility customers love our charging programs, giving them a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 65.
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Data and Reporting
Reliable EV data provides near real-time insights into program performance, allowing utilities to make data-driven decisions that increase overall performance and improve grid reliability in managed charging, behavioral, and charging analytics programs.
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EnergyHub EV delivers capacity forecasting for EV loads, equipping network operators and markets teams with critical insights.
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Managed Charging

Built on the EnergyHub DERMS platform, the Managed Charging component of EnergyHub EV enables utilities to operationalize various configurations of EV grid services to support grid needs (i.e. match renewables, shift off-peak, protect distribution networks) while ensuring the driver’s car is adequately charged.

Deliver Grid Value
Deliver Grid Value
EnergyHub EV provides managed charging to deliver peak load reduction, daily load shifting, and distribution capacity for the grid. In addition, it is paving the way for vehicle-to-grid connectivity.
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EnergyHub's ChargingRewards customer-facing app streamlines enrollment and gathers charging preferences, putting the vehicle owner firmly in the driver's seat.
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Turn-key services for EnergyHub EV

EnergyHub EV offers a suite of services alongside its software products that make program operation seamless for utility partners.

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Program management

Your dedicated client success manager will guide program launch, provide strategy recommendations to increase program performance, and offer personalized training sessions.

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Customer support

Ensure a high quality customer experience for all customers through a dedicated, program specific support team.

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Program marketing

Our program marketing support is grounded in years of experience specifically within grid-edge program delivery, ensuring dependable performance and high customer engagement.

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Market and data analysis

Drive program design and meet regulatory and business objectives more efficiently.

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Partner management

Integrate and manage connected devices across all DER manufacturers to ensure optimal program performance.


Client Testimonial


“SRP has a bold sustainability vision that includes enabling and managing 500,000 EVs on our system by 2035. To do this we need a customer centric program approach, better visibility into how customers charge, and asset-aware charging control that reduces peak-load and aligns charging to our resources. EnergyHub’s EV solution and vision aligns perfectly to the outcomes we seek.”

Eamonn Urey

SRP Program Manager

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