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Electric vehicle charging solutions

Electric vehicle (EV) charging poses both opportunities and challenges for utilities. EnergyHub provides utilities with a suite of solutions to manage the impacts of EV charging on the grid.

Types of EV solutions

Utilities are adopting a phased approach to understand EV charging behavior and inform the development of actions to manage EV charging. We work with utilities and our EV charging equipment partners to provide a customer-centric approach to leverage EVs as flexible assets.

Monitoring and forecasting

Monitoring and forecasting

Real-time visibility of EV charging across the network gives grid operators the insight they need to manage the impacts of widespread EV adoption. EnergyHub’s platform gathers and analyzes charging data through our  integrations with EV charging manufacturers and vehicle telematics. Utilities can monitor and forecast charging load across the network from customer-owned smart charging equipment, without the need for additional EV-specific meters.

TOU enablement

TOU enablement

EV charging TOU rates incentivize customers to move charging away from peak times. EnergyHub provides a TOU solution that includes granular reporting and rebate managementOur integrations with EV charging equipment providers allow customers to participate in TOU rate programs with their own equipment - no additional meter required. EnergyHub’s comprehensive solution includes marketing services, automated enrollment, billing calculation, and ongoing reporting on rate performance.

demand response

Peak management

Customers are increasingly embracing limited control of their EV charging by their utility in exchange for a financial incentive in the form of a bill rebate or discount on charging equipment. With managed charging programs through EnergyHub’s Mercury DERMS, utilities can schedule EV charging demand response events for peak reduction and load shifting.

Our platform informs scheduling events on an ongoing basis by situational intelligence of EVs and other DERs.

Managed charging

Dynamic load shaping

In the most sophisticated implementation of managed charging, Mercury DERMS dynamically takes into account grid and market conditions and intelligently optimizes EV charging multiple times a day in concert with other DERs. This helps meet utility objectives such as congestion management, renewable firming, and voltage management. The platform also coordinates the management of EVs with other utility systems in a way that delivers value across the utility enterprise.


We see managed EV charging as an important and growing piece of our DER portfolio, which we leverage not just during the hottest days of the year, but to manage demand year round.

Michael Goldman
Director of Energy Efficiency for Eversource

Preparing for widespread EV adoption

We work with pioneering utilities on scalable solutions to manage EV charging.


Utility EV programs deployed


Supply cost reduction opportunity


of EV charging stations enrolled in our demand response programs are new purchases


Prepare for the impacts of EV charging

We've authored a whitepaper in partnership with Chargepoint that outlines a crawl, walk, run approach for utilities based on insights and data from pioneering utility programs.

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