EnergyHub’s Mercury DERMS provides utilities with innovative grid-edge DER solutions. From commercial
and industrial demand response, to Bring Your Own Thermostat® (BYOT) residential demand response, to delivering advanced grid services using DERs, utilities rely on Mercury to manage the complete lifecycle
of any DER program.

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Program management made easy: Mercury’s advanced management tools and analytics allow utilities to manage all aspects of a DER program from device registration to settlement

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Targeted delivery of grid services: Mercury uses advanced machine learning-based artificial intelligence to extract maximum value from DERs to meet grid needs

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Increased situational awareness: Mercury combines granular data from behind-the-meter assets with sophisticated analytics to give utilities a 360-degree view of the grid edge

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Enterprise-grade infrastructure: Mercury is a scalable and flexible platform that integrates with utility systems and boasts the largest DER ecosystem in the industry


Enterprise DER management

Mercury provides utilities with innovative tools to manage DERs anywhere on the grid — from the substation to behind the meter.

Leveraging machine learning-based artificial intelligence, Mercury optimizes the delivery of mission-critical grid services through the intelligent control of DERs. From managing the complexity of registering different types and customer classes of DERs to autonomously managing assets as virtual power plants to deliver optimal outcomes, utilities rely on Mercury to manage every step of a DER program. Alongside automated, optimized control of DERs, Mercury provides utilities with deeper insight into DER performance, resulting in greater situational awareness at the grid edge.

Mercury is the most widely used DERMS in the industry, with 40 utilities using the platform to deliver load shifting and renewables matching, solar inverter management and curtailment, managed charging, peak demand reduction, and more.

Learn more about Mercury’s DER management tools by visiting our Resources page and downloading these reference materials:


BYOT demand response

EnergyHub revolutionized demand-side management programs with the launch of the first Bring Your Own Thermostat® (BYOT) demand response in 2012, and the BYOT program delivery model is now the default choice for utilities looking to deploy thermostat demand response programs. Today, EnergyHub’s turnkey BYOT demand response offering supports utilities in every step of the program lifecycle, including marketing, enrollment, event configuration, intelligent dispatch, M&V, customer engagement and retention, and customer support, all with a goal of helping utilities achieve their load shed and enrollment goals.

The Mercury platform is the optimal platform for managing a BYOT program. From a sophisticated enrollment infrastructure designed to maximize customer participation, to advanced thermostat dispatch capabilities that rely on machine learning-based artificial intelligence to deliver targeted load shed, the platform provides utilities with innovative tools for end-to-end program execution.

Mercury is integrated with every leading thermostat brand. In addition to platform integrations allowing for thermostat control and monitoring, EnergyHub maintains close working relationships with thermostat partners; we work hand-in-hand with our partner network to unveil new features that increase program efficacy and ensure that utilities meet program goals.

In addition to best-in-class enterprise software, utilities rely on the expertise of EnergyHub’s Client Success team, which has launched dozens of BYOT programs, to achieve program success.

Learn more about EnergyHub’s BYOT demand response expertise by visiting our Resources page and blog, as well as downloading these materials:

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EV management

EnergyHub’s Mercury DERMS empowers utilities to adopt a customer-centric approach to leverage EV as flexible assets. The platform allows utilities to monitor, coordinate and orchestrate EV charging in concert with other distributed energy resources (DERs) across the grid hierarchy, all while enabling customer choice and accounting for customer preferences. The platform manages multiple brands and classes of EV chargers at scale. The platform gathers and analyzes charging data to monitor and forecast EVs across the network. EV-specific models are used to forecast individual vehicle charging under a range of scenarios to inform intelligent control strategies. 

The Mercury DERMS is a platform built to support the dynamic and iterative nature of EV programs. Utilities are leveraging the platform to operationalize various configurations of EV programs - from TOU-enablement to managed charging.



C&I demand response

Commercial and industrial (C&I) demand response is an important aspect of a DSM portfolio. With C&I DR programs becoming increasingly complex, it is important  for utility operators and program managers to deploy a user-friendly, enterprise-grade platform to manage C&I programs.

Mercury streamlines the entire process of running a C&I demand response program. The platform enables easy site enrollment for utilities and aggregators, allows operators to configure DR events in minutes and dispatch in seconds, and provides granular analytics capabilities for performance and settlement calculations. The Mercury DERMS also enables utilities to use a single platform to manage both their residential and C&I demand response programs.

Built on the strength of EnergyHub’s industry-leading demand response technology, Mercury includes a powerful set of tools to manage C&I demand response, from enrollment and event dispatch to enterprise-grade M&V and configurable settlement capabilities.

Turnkey program management

EnergyHub is the only DERMS provider that provides an in-house program management team to guide our clients through the entire process of managing a DER program. Today, dozens of utilities rely on the expertise of our Client Success team to help them design, launch, and manage DSM and DER programs. From program design to vendor management, and from program marketing and operations support to settlement, our team provides end-to-end expertise that ensures program success.