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An enterprise DERMS built for the grid edge

EnergyHub transforms complexity at the grid edge into reliable resources for utilities.

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A look at EnergyHub’s Mercury DERMS platform

Learn about the advantages of a platform designed to help utilities manage the grid edge.

Deep integrations at the grid-edge

EnergyHub represents the industry’s largest DER partner ecosystem.

Advanced grid services

The Mercury DERMS’ AI-enabled control optimization framework intelligently operationalizes DERs to ensure that utilities achieve desired grid objectives, while taking into consideration device- and customer-specific constraints. This entails real and reactive power optimization across the network hierarchy.

Proven scale and reliability

Industry analysts recognize that EnergyHub reliably manages the largest fleet of grid-edge resources of any DERMS provider in North America.

BYOD (Bring your own device) solutions

C&I demand response

EnergyHub provides solutions to enroll, dispatch, and monitor commercial and industrial (C&I) resources, working with individual sites and leading aggregators.

Utilities can now manage C&I resources alongside residential DERs through a single platform.


DER partners

We work with the industry’s largest ecosystem of DER providers, including leading manufacturers of thermostats, EV charging equipment, residential batteries, solar inverters, and water heaters.

Client testimonials


Sept 22, 2020

A convergence of trends is pushing utilities to turn to distributed energy resources (DERs) to meet immediate and ...

Oct 16, 2020

Analyst firm Wood Mackenzie recently surveyed the DERMS category ...

Oct 29, 2020

During a difficult year, EnergyHub has been honored to work with utilities to respond to the evolving challenges ...

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We empower utilities to harness flexibility at the grid edge to meet their immediate needs and long-term strategic goals. Talk to an EnergyHub expert about your DER needs.