EnergyHub connects utilities to more
DER partners than any other platform

EnergyHub’s goal is to provide the widest possible choice of technology to utilities and their customers. We work with the leading distributed energy resource (DER) manufacturers and service providers and continue to add new partners to our platform all the time.

Taking advantage of EnergyHub’s growing partner network is easy. Want to seamlessly launch and scale a Bring Your Own Thermostat® demand response program? Use our Mercury DERMS to gain access to all of the devices we work with through a single contract with EnergyHub. Or, select the technology that best fits your needs for traditional utility-installed demand response.

Looking to take advantage of the growing ecosystem of DERs in your service territory? We're constantly adding new EVSE, solar, water heater and battery manufacturer integrations to our DERMS platform. 

EnergyHub works with best-in-class connected device providers and platforms across the distributed energy ecosystem. Interested in working with us? Reach out at