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Integrating with complementary utility systems

An image of how the EnergyHub DERMS connects with utility software systems


In today’s connected world, with variable renewables and aging infrastructure increasing the complexity of power grid operations, it’s essential that core enterprise utility software systems interconnect seamlessly. Nowhere is this more true than for distributed energy resource management systems (DERMS), where the task of managing distributed energy resources (DERs) is rapidly advancing beyond relatively simple use cases like demand response.


Looking forward, a grid-edge DERMS will be expected to optimally dispatch DERs 365 days a year. In order to maximize the value of flexibility from virtual power plants, a DERMS must be able to communicate effectively with other core enterprise utility software systems in order to effectively:

  • Reduce EV charging load on transformers
  • React to changes in electricity markets in real time
  • Automatically detect when new DERs connect to the grid
  • Enable customers to register new DER devices with a one-click process


As the leader in managing grid-edge and behind-the-meter DERs to deliver grid services to utilities and markets, EnergyHub partners with a wide variety of enterprise utility software providers to provide additional value to utility clients. 

EnergyHub’s DERMS can be integrated with a number of other utility enterprise platforms to serve client needs, including:


System Integration Outcome
CIS/CC&B Easier and more accurate DER enrollment and incentive processing
Marketplace Enroll devices at the point of purchase on utility marketplaces, streamlining customer experience and boosting enrollments
CRMS Ensure customer service representatives have information about customers enrolled in programs to create richer call center contacts
M&T More economical power system operations (both conventional generation and DERs) via DERMS sending detailed DER forecasts to M&T and ingesting DER dispatch schedules
ADMS Reduced distribution capacity costs and system losses by delivering localized grid services via DERMS response to ADMS dispatch signals 
MDMS Improved measurement and verification, forecasting, and identification of new DERs (e.g. EVs, rooftop solar)
EMS/SCADA Integration of DER aggregations into core utility dispatch operations
T&D Planning More accurate load growth and DER growth planning scenarios enabled by incorporation of DER data in utility T&D planning platform


DERMS platforms are essential to the ongoing transition to carbon-free electricity, managing millions of devices at the grid edge to make the power system more reliable and flexible. As we have done with our ecosystem of over 40 DER partners, EnergyHub is building deeply collaborative, non-exclusive partnerships with vendors across the utility software industry. These relationships are the foundation for new, innovative solutions that drive us closer to our goal of clean and reliable energy for all.

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