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EnergyHub’s Erika Diamond named Co-Chair of PLMA’s ‘Women in Demand Management’ group

Kat O'Leary

May 17, 2017

We’re pleased to announce that the Peak Load Management Association (PLMA) executive committee recently selected EnergyHub’s Erika Diamond to co-chair PLMA’s Women in Demand Management group.

Diamond, EnergyHub’s VP and GM of Energy Markets, will work with Duke Energy’s Melissa Knous as the group’s Co-Chairs. She said she’s excited to work with Knous and PLMA to grow the group’s membership and open more doors for women in the energy sector.

“The Women in Demand Management group is a great way to promote women in energy through webinars, meetups, and networking events,” Diamond said. “It’s important to have a place specifically for women to get together in the industry.”

Diamond and Knous take over the Co-Chair roles in the group from Gwen Resendes of the Bonneville Power Administration and Robin Maslowski of Navigant, who is also one of the co-founders of the group.

Maslowski held the position of Co-Chair for three years, and she said one of the many benefits of the position was the opportunity to meet an inspiring number of amazingly talented women in that time.

“For each PLMA conference over the past three years, we’ve prepared a Women in DM ‘By the Numbers’ update that summarizes the number of women at the conference, attending webinars, etc.,” Maslowski said. “Those numbers have jumped higher and higher each conference — and each time was a very proud moment.”

Resendes cited her personal experience with the group as a signal of its mission in PLMA.

“This group openly welcomed and encouraged me during a time when I was overwhelmed by the overall scope of demand management and it’s rapidly developing and shifting environment,” Resendes said. “They helped me acclimate to my new profession with offers of mentorship, education, and networking opportunities.”

Diamond and Knous are looking to build on that sense of community, with Knous specifically noting that the group’s mentorship program is particularly important to her.

“As a woman in the industry, I believe that I have an obligation to support like-minded individuals and organizations interested in learning from others’ experiences and knowledge,” Knous said.

Diamond, who has been working in the energy sector for more than 15 years, agreed with Knous that they’re in a great position to support women in the industry — especially professionals whose careers are just beginning.

“There are a lot of young, talented women who are coming into the energy industry right now,” Diamond said. “It’s really exciting that we’ll have the opportunity to lend advice and offer our experience to them through Women in Demand Management.”

You can find updates on Women in Demand Management and all of PLMA’s events and announcements by visiting the PLMA website and following them on Twitter.

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