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EnergyHub Debuts Mercury™ Software Platform to Optimize Wireless Thermostats and Increase Consumer Engagement

EnergyHub Team

August 1, 2011

Brooklyn, New York – Aug. 1, 2011 – Today, EnergyHub™ announced its new Mercury™ smart thermostat service, a powerful software platform designed to reduce residential energy consumption without sacrificing comfort. The cloud-based service, now available to cable and television service providers, home security companies, utilities, and device manufacturers, uses advanced analytics and engaging user interfaces to optimize thermostats and increase energy efficiency.

“This summer’s heat waves have demonstrated the need for simple and responsive solutions to protect the grid,” said Seth Frader-Thompson, CEO of EnergyHub. “The Mercury platform offers a cost-effective way for service providers, device manufacturers, and utilities to bring residential energy management into the mainstream.”

The average annual energy bill for a U.S. single family home is $2,200, of which 46% is spent on heating and cooling, according to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Coupling wireless thermostats with EnergyHub’s Mercury platform empowers end-users to automate their heating and cooling systems through easy-to-use web and mobile interfaces, helping them save up to 20 percent on their energy bills.

The Mercury platform unlocks the potential of off-the-shelf wireless thermostats by analyzing the consumer’s comfort preferences and the home’s unique characteristics to arrive at a customized heating and cooling plan. Over time, the system provides personalized coaching based on the home’s historical performance and provides comparisons to other households to encourage even greater efficiency.

Mercury is delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that can be customized to match any brand so that established home security, cable, and telecommunications service providers can bundle thermostat optimization and remote monitoring and control services with existing subscription offerings. Device manufacturers (such as thermostat and security systems) use the platform to deliver engaging customer interfaces that support next-generation product offerings and create new revenue streams.

Utilities and grid operators use the software’s robust analytics and back-end management tools to improve the yield of demand response programs while delivering real-time measurement and verification. Offered either as a turnkey solution or as a supplement to existing consumer-facing programs, the platform integrates easily with AMI and AMR network deployments, without the need for costly back-end investment.

EnergyHub’s Mercury smart thermostat platform is available today. Utilities and service providers are invited to sign up for an upcoming webinar on the Mercury platform at

About EnergyHub

EnergyHub, Inc. develops software and hardware solutions that help consumers and utilities reduce energy consumption and save money. EnergyHub solutions allow homeowners to understand and control energy use in real time and encourage people to take actionable steps to reduce consumption. Utilities also benefit from EnergyHub technology as it enables them to identify and manage peak loads, implement effective demand response programs, and improve operating efficiency.

EnergyHub is based in Brooklyn, New York and is a privately held venture-backed company. For more information on how to turn complex energy issues into actionable savings visit

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