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EnergyHub’s Women in ClimateTech ERG: advocating for inclusivity

EnergyHub Team

March 8, 2023

Women in ClimateTech (WiCT) provides a space for empowerment, support, and connection for women, non-binary folks and other marginalized genders and sexes within EnergyHub who are empowered in a women-led space. Like other Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), it exists to build community, raise awareness of challenges facing historically marginalized communities, and create a more inclusive organization. We interviewed WiCT co-leads, Valeriya Khodatovych and Sarah Howerter, to get insights into the group and hear their advice to female-identifying individuals and allies.

What is the mission of Women in ClimateTech?

Val: I would say supporting, empowering, and helping those who identify as women to progress in our organization, not only in their existing roles, but also in any future endeavors they might want to pursue.

What makes working with this group meaningful?

Sarah: Connecting us across different parts of the company is important. We don’t always interact with those on other teams, so building relationships with folks across the company who identify similarly and are up against similar challenges is super-inspiring and important for connecting and sharing.

What opportunities does climatetech offer for empowerment?

Sarah: I believe climatetech is in a position to influence current tech culture. People who come into climate come with the intention of doing something good in the world. If one has reservations about the traditional tech culture, that passion for the mission can help mend that environment. EnergyHub and the company’s nine ERGs are spotlighting experiences many colleagues don’t often have themselves, and it forces us to think about our intentions to foster good action both internally and externally. There are still always struggles, but places like EnergyHub are well-intentioned, and ERGs are key to helping change traditional tech environments.

What’s your advice to others who identify as women to work in climatetech?

Val: Everyone in climate is standing up and on a mission to do greater good. In that same sense, don’t be afraid to demand and take up space.  We deserve our seat at the table, and we have the ability to provide a new perspective, a new edge. We should always keep that in mind and amplify ourselves and our ideas. It’s often easier said than done, but support systems such as ERGs can really help with that.

Anything else?

Val: To those in other organizations and ERGs, take note of what’s happening within your own organization and make sure to stand up for others who might not be comfortable doing it for themselves. Often there is a fear of repercussions, but support and standing up for others can cause a ripple effect and encourage others to automatically do the same.

Interested in learning more about the culture at EnergyHub? Check out our careers page.

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