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EnergyHub empowers utilities and their customers to create a clean, distributed energy future

We’re working on accomplishing this vision by transforming complexity at the grid edge into reliable resources for utilities.

Enabling the transition to a clean, distributed grid

Energy production is transitioning from centralized, controlled, carbon-intensive generation to distributed, intermittent, renewable generation. At the same time, the dynamic between utilities and their customers is changing as consumers adopt technologies that impact the grid such as connected thermostats, solar and storage systems, and electric vehicles.

EnergyHub enables utilities to harness millions of distributed energy resources to meet the grid needs of a cleaner, more reliable power system.


Meet our leadership team

We bring a combination of experience in tech and clean energy to our mission.


Help us decarbonize the power system

Interested in working on a clean tech solution with real impact across millions of households today? Learn more about opportunities at EnergyHub.