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Platform Partners

EnergyHub works with leading utility software providers to integrate DER workflows across the utility technology stack.

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ADMS Partners

Integrating the Mercury DERMS platform with a utility’s ADMS extends the reach of distribution operations to behind-the-meter DERs. With information flowing between the two systems, grid operators can manage DERs in concert with the network, through both point-in-time events and intelligent processes.

Customer Engagement Partners

EnergyHub partners with leading providers of utility customer engagement solutions so that utilities can incorporate DER program offers and participation into the customer engagement lifecycle. This integration helps increase DER program enrollment rates and results in a seamless, DER-aware customer experience.


C&I Aggregators

EnergyHub allows utilities to manage C&I assets alongside residential DERs through a single platform. Utilities use EnergyHub’s platform to enroll, dispatch, and monitor C&I resources both individually or through our integrations with leading aggregators.

Interested in becoming a partner?

EnergyHub connects utilities to assets at the grid edge.