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EnergyHub Employee Resource Groups: advancing inclusivity, belonging, and equity  in climate tech

EnergyHub Team

March 29, 2023

Saving the planet from climate change is an ambitious goal.  It’s one that motivates and attracts people from all walks of life and every corner of the globe to get involved in the fight against climate change. This vigor for mission-based work however, has not made climate tech immune to the types of endemic problems we see from the broader tech sector: an industry dominated by white, straight, cis males. 

At EnergyHub, the need to be intentional about our approach to Inclusion, Diversity, Belonging, Equity, and Access (IDBEA) is always top of mind. Our employees called for a means to foster connection and growth opportunities for people from non-dominant groups within our organization. Just as importantly, the team wanted to better incorporate equity into our products and the ways we conduct business. From these desires, our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) were born.

We asked our team members how they wanted to feel supported by their ERGs, what function they wanted leadership to play, which events and opportunities they wanted ERGs to be responsible for and, importantly, what role allies can play. The thoughtful and considerate feedback we received allowed us to create this mission:

EnergyHub’s employee resource groups create safe, welcoming, and supportive spaces for our team members to develop personally and professionally. We are committed to growing an organization that is equitable, open-minded, and provides resources to the communities we care about.”

Our ERGs allow members of our team to take on leadership positions, and to collaborate with folks of various intersecting identities. Importantly, they also advocate to our executive team the ways we can continue to improve upon living up to our values of making a carbon-free future accessible to all. Plus, they are just a lot of fun! We are just getting started, but are already excited about the ways these groups are fostering community in our organization and making plans for where we go next.

Meet EnergyHub’s ERGs

  • AAPI Employee Network: Provides a place where we can connect, learn, uplift and celebrate those who identify as Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI). The AAPI Employee Network is a space to unify, empower and advocate for all of the different cultures that make up our Asian and Pacific Islander employees at EnergyHub.
  • Adelante Juntos: A safe space for those at EnergyHub who identify as Hispanic or Latinx. We are a group of individuals united in addressing climate change and developing ourselves and our communities personally and professionally. Our goal is to move forward, together.
  • BLAC (Black Leaders Addressing Climate): Aims to facilitate a supportive community for Black people at EnergyHub by sharing information, strengthening coalitions between various employee resource groups, and putting together programming like speaker events.
  • Career Builders: A community for professional development, offering networking workshops, management training, upskilling opportunities, and more.
  • EnergyHub Rainbow: EnergyHub Rainbow seeks to provide solidarity, visibility, and community for the LGBTQIAA+ community at EnergyHub.
  • EquityHub: A space for employees to work towards and advocate for equity in: 1) the programs that we build with our utility clients, partners, customers, and organizations in the energy industry, and 2) our internal culture and the way we operate.
  • Jewish Employee Network: The Jewish Employee Network offers a forum to celebrate, discuss, and debate our traditions, identity, and current events within EnergyHub. We hope to provide a comfortable space for our members and to help the broader community learn about the Jewish people.
  • Women in ClimateTech: Provides a space for empowerment, support, and connection for women, non-binary folks and other marginalized genders and sexes within EnergyHub who are empowered in a women-led space.

Inclusivity – better for everyone

Pursuing a policy of inclusivity doesn’t just benefit specific groups. In both the long- and short-term, it also strengthens the position of all employees, the business, the tech sector, wider society, and our planet. 

Looking for a role where you can address climate change while making the tech sector more inclusive? We’d love to meet you. Find open roles on our careers page

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