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EnergyHub launches Marketplace API to enable DR pre-enrollment and drive DER growth

EnergyHub Team

May 13, 2021

BROOKLYN, N.Y., May 13th, 2021: EnergyHub today announced a Marketplace API to integrate the Mercury DERMS platform with DER device retailers, enabling eligible consumers to enroll in DER programs and receive grid service incentives at the device point of sale. The new feature helps utilities increase both the overall adoption of DERs in their service territories and the enrollment rate in DER programs, contributing to growing portfolios of flexible resources faster and to new levels of scale.

The Marketplace API integrates the Mercury DERMS platform’s resource formation capabilities with utility marketplace providers and other online retailers. EnergyHub has partnered with leading utility marketplace providers EFI, Enervee, and Uplight to implement demand response (DR) pre-enrollment for utilities.  

DR pre-enrollment allows consumers to receive grid services incentives alongside energy efficiency incentives at the point of sale, effectively reducing the price of a new device and driving device purchases. The feature also streamlines the digital experience for DER program enrollment by facilitating sign-up at the point of purchase, increasing the enrollment rate for DER programs among device owners. The results are larger DER portfolios for utilities and more households with energy-conserving devices. Utility customers are three times more likely to enroll a smart thermostat purchased on a utility marketplace with pre-enrollment in a demand response program, compared to thermostats purchased through traditional channels.

“Integrating our marketplace solution with our DERMS platform through EnergyHub’s Marketplace API has helped us rapidly grow our DER portfolio and provide a seamless digital experience for our customers,” said Kerri Carnes, Manager of Customer-to-Grid-Solutions Product Development and Strategy at Arizona Public Service. “Working with EnergyHub to bring energy efficiency and grid services incentives together to provide the most compelling device price to our customers will help us scale our BYOT program to over 100,000 enrolled devices.”

EnergyHub’s Marketplace API automates the verification of DER program eligibility, incentive processing, and enrollment for a seamless workflow from the point of sale to program enrollment. The open Marketplace API can connect with any retail transaction, online and brick-and-mortar, driving sales and increasing the adoption of DERs.

“Utilities need a bridge between their DER incentives and device retailers in order to harness the full benefits of DERs for customers and the grid. With pre-enrollment, consumers get an immediate discount on devices they love, and utilities increase access to flexible clean resources,” said Seth Cousins, VP of Product at EnergyHub. “Our Marketplace API will help utilities grow their behind-the-meter resources and expand the adoption of DERs nationwide.”

About EnergyHub

EnergyHub is the grid-edge DERMS provider. Utilities rely on EnergyHub’s Mercury DERMS platform to manage all distributed energy resources to serve grid and market objectives. EnergyHub works with over 50 utilities nationwide to manage more than 2,000 MW of flexible capacity. We empower utilities and their customers to create a clean, distributed energy future. EnergyHub is an independent subsidiary of (NASDAQ: ALRM), the leading platform for the intelligently connected property. For more information, visit  

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