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Energy Efficiency

Improved Efficiency Performance

EnergyHub’s web and mobile applications for Mercury make it easy for homeowners to reduce their energy consumption.

Using EnergyHub’s guided schedule setup, 85% of customers pick EPA-recommended settings or better. Thermostat setbacks are automatically calculated, taking the guesswork out of setting up an efficient schedule. Real-time feedback on the web and in EnergyHub’s iPhone, iPad, and Android apps helps customers understand the cost impacts of changes to their settings.

The average customer logs into Mercury more than once per day, providing substaintial opportunity to promote efficiency and behavior change.

Enhanced Efficiency with SmartShiftSM

Through its integration with e5 from Earth Networks, Mercury combines historical HVAC activity and weather data to build a unique thermal model for each home. Using that model, SmartShift heats or cools the home at the most efficient times of day while still maintaining customer comfort. SmartShift can even avoid wasteful heating and cooling cycles that occur right as the customer is leaving their house.

Is Anyone Home?

Using the location services features found in customers’ smartphones, Radius™ can automatically put the house in energy-saving mode when nobody is home and return it to a comfortable temperature when people are on their way back. It even works with multiple phones in the same house. EnergyHub’s web and mobile apps also offer a one-touch Set Away button to quickly put all of the thermostats in the house in an energy-saving mode.

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Thermostat scheduling

Guided schedule setup helps customers make efficient choices


SmartShift automatically eliminates unnecessary HVAC cycles

Away features

Radius and one-touch Away mode set the thermostat back when no one is home

Deployed Under Your Brand

EnergyHub understands that the most important customer-facing brand is yours, so we offer custom branded versions of our web and mobile apps.