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Anna-Lisa D'Onofrio

Anna-Lisa D'Onofrio

Product Manager

Q: Why do you work at EnergyHub?

A: To fight for our climate! I feel passionately that the way forward is through encouraging individuals to take sustainable actions in their everyday life. Working at EnergyHub allows me to find innovative ways to scale our utilities' programs. We encourage their customers to enroll their smart devices which helps keep the grid stable, and lessens the need for energy generated by fossil fuels by matching demand to supply.

Q: Why did you come to EnergyHub?

A: The people and our mission. Before chipping away at the climate crisis here in the energy industry, I took a different approach. While at a recycling startup called Recyclebank, I rewarded customers for their recycling and educated them on their local recycling rules. When I learned about EnergyHub, I was drawn to its many parallels in trying to motivate individuals to take sustainable actions. It provided me with an opportunity to learn about a new industry and new ways to engage customers, so the switch was a no-brainer for me.

Q: What's your advice for job seekers looking for meaningful work on climate?

A: Don't limit yourself. Many of our team members have come from other industries, which strengthens us as we're able to learn from each other's varied experiences and backgrounds. I'd recommend using Work On Climate and looking within your existing network. So many people are joining the move to work on climate, someone you already know might be able to help!
I love working with others who are also motivated to help make the world a better place.

Q: What is your favorite local spot to grab a bite?

A: It's tough for me to choose just one! I love trying new local New York City restaurants and documenting them on my Instagram, @foodiesmalls. It keeps me supporting local businesses, and helps me find the newest, coolest plant-based options to share with my friends in the #vegventureclub at EnergyHub. If I had to name a few local Brooklyn faves, Bricolage (Vietnamese), Peppino's (pizza), and Court Street Grocers (sandwiches) where you should order vegetarian, even if you're not veg, and thank me later!
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