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EnergyHub Selected for Wisconsin Public Service iCanConserve In-Home Device Program

EnergyHub Team

January 10, 2012

New York, NY – January 9, 2012 – EnergyHub, Inc. today announced that the EnergyHub home energy management system has been selected by Wisconsin Public Service Corporation, a subsidiary of Integrys Energy Group (NYSE: TEG), for the iCanConserve energy conservation project in Plover, WI.

The selection of EnergyHub furthers the overall goals of the iCanConserve program by bringing real-time energy use information to residential customers. EnergyHub’s home energy management solution gives consumers powerful insights into their energy usage as well as control over specific appliances in the home—helping users discover smart ways to reduce energy costs and save money. Deployment of EnergyHub products is already underway and will include installation in up to 150 homes in the Plover area.

“iCanConserve was developed to help people become more aware and active in energy management and conservation,” said Craig Maternoski, Director of Information Security and Emergent Technology at Integrys Energy Group. “The EnergyHub system is an important part of our program in Plover and will be an effective tool for helping our customers better understand and control the energy they use.”

Households participating in the Plover iCanConserve program are eligible to receive EnergyHub products at no cost, including the Home Base in-home display, wireless thermostats, and smart Sockets and Strips. The Home Base communicates wirelessly with each of the peripheral devices, giving users real-time energy information and easy control over appliances. Participants also receive real-time, whole-home energy data either from a wireless current transformer sensor (WCTS) or, in the future, smart meters installed by Wisconsin Public Service—showing participants a complete picture of their electricity consumption and helping them recognize patterns in their energy use.

The iCanConserve program benefits from EnergyHub’s scalable software architecture, which features engaging customer interfaces and a sophisticated utility management platform. In addition to using EnergyHub hardware to monitor energy use, program participants will also be able to remotely control and manage specific appliances using EnergyHub’s MyHub consumer web portal and mobile applications. Wisconsin Public Service staff will use the EnergyHub Data Exchange and Utility Web Portal to manage the program, send pricing signals to participants, and alert customers to energy-saving opportunities. These software tools will allow Wisconsin Public Service to monitor the success of the iCanConserve program in delivering energy savings to program participants.

“We are excited to be working with Wisconsin Public Service to show how home energy management devices can improve energy conservation for consumers and utilities alike,” said Seth Frader-Thompson, CEO of EnergyHub. “Our touchscreen Home Base literally puts all your home’s energy data at your fingertips and will empower Plover residents to take actionable steps to manage their energy use. The EnergyHub system is easy to use and communicates complex energy information in terms people can understand,” Frader-Thompson said. “Not just in kilowatts, but in dollars too.”

Through the iCanConserve program, Wisconsin Public Service is providing EnergyHub systems to its customers in Plover to help increase energy use awareness and make saving energy easier for their customers. The average annual energy bill for a U.S. single-family home is $2,200, according to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Research shows that real-time feedback and control using products like EnergyHub’s can help consumers save up to 20 percent on their monthly electric bills.

About EnergyHub
EnergyHub, Inc. develops software and hardware solutions that help consumers, utilities, and service providers reduce energy consumption and save money. EnergyHub solutions allow homeowners to understand and control energy use in real time and encourage people to take actionable steps to reduce consumption. Utilities also benefit from EnergyHub technology as it enables them to identify and manage peak loads, implement effective demand response programs, and improve operating efficiency.

EnergyHub, based in Brooklyn, New York, is a privately held, venture-backed company and is deploying its energy management technologies with a variety of utilities across the U.S. For more information on how EnergyHub can help your customers realize savings through energy efficiency visit

About iCanConserve
iCanConserve is an energy conservation pilot project from Wisconsin Public Service, Focus on Energy, and the Citizens Utility Board. iCanConserve customers are given access to a wide range of electric rates, programs and tools, all with the goal of helping to reduce their energy use and lower energy bills. From this program we hope to learn:

  • Which resources helped customers achieve their savings goals
  • What kind of communications gave people the most helpful information
  • How new approaches to saving energy can be taken to an even wider audience

About Wisconsin Public Service
For more than a century, Wisconsin Public Service has been powering homes and energizing businesses in northeastern and central Wisconsin, and in Upper Michigan. The company provides electricity and natural gas to more than 450,000 customers. It produces electricity using fossil, nuclear, wind and hydroelectric generating plants. Wisconsin Public Service is a wholly owned subsidiary of Integrys Energy Group.

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