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Ecomagination: EnergyHub Taps the Cloud for Better Home Efficiency

Laura Kier

October 13, 2011

By Brian Clark Howard | Tue Oct 11 2011

When you think about saving energy, you probably think about unplugging your toaster when you’re not using it, or buying energy-saving appliances.

But Facebook user Ryan Butcher saved $87 on his electric bill in August 2010 by making one small change: Ryan installed a home energy monitoring system from EnergyHub.

“That’s substantial considering nothing else was done efficiency wise and it was a record-setting heat wave here this month. Kudos!” Butcher wrote on EnergyHub’s Facebook page.

Aaron Schildkraut of Yonkers, New York bought an EnergyHub system in July. “I have really been enjoying using it and have learned a lot about my energy use and how to save electricity,” he said.

The latest versions of EnergyHub’s products take advantage of cloud computing to offer more customized, real-time monitoring and control, which means saving consumers more money and further reducing fossil fuel emissions.

Seth Frader-Thompson—CEO of Brooklyn-based EnergyHub—told us, “Cloud computing is going to completely change the way people think about and use energy.” Frader-Thompson said his company would soon announce major partners that have the potential to deploy the technology into larger numbers of homes.

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