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CNET: EnergyHub makes beeline to consumer smart grid


July 21, 2011

EnergyHub makes beeline to consumer smart grid

by Martin LaMonica

“EnergyHub is going to see if it can pique consumer interest in the smart grid without utilities.

The Brooklyn-based company plans to start selling a relatively high-end home energy management system next month from its Web site, its first effort to bypass utility or cable company channels. For the residential energy business as a whole, the program could help signal the level of interest for energy efficiency and control technology.

EnergyHub’s initial consumer product package is focused on a smartphone-size touch-screen console, or Home Base, which shows power usage of the whole house when connected to a meter. People will able to buy a wireless thermostat or networked power strips to control individual appliances, such as an air conditioner or home office equipment.

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