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Urban landscape at night with heatmap overlay Enterprise DERMS
February 15, 2024 | by EnergyHub Team How DERMS can empower multiple utility teams

It’s no secret that distributed energy resources (DERs) like batteries, electric vehicles, and smart thermostats are key to a decarbonized future. But there is less consensus around how to manage them. Given the rapid growth of distributed energy, most utilities agree that they will eventually need a DERMS (distributed energy resource management system). But different…

The front of a blue Tesla car with the license plate "TESTLA" Batteries & Inverters
February 15, 2024 | by EnergyHub Team Introducing EnergyHub’s device lab and the “Testla”

EnergyHub’s lab brings the benefits of real-world DER testing to utilities, device partners, and the industry EnergyHub’s Tesla Model 3 spends most of its time parked at our Burlington, Vermont office. But it’s not the kind of company car you might expect. Instead, this Tesla is one of the many distributed energy resources (DERs) that…

Battery and solar inverters in a garage with renewable generation in the distance Impact
February 15, 2024 | by EnergyHub Team A better way to evaluate the carbon impact of virtual power plants

The U.S. government estimates that the electricity industry must add roughly two terawatts of wind and solar generation to decarbonize our electric grid by 2035. Since renewable energy generation is variable by nature, the industry will also need to source as much as 500 gigawatts of flexibility, such as energy storage and responsive demand, to…

City Lights Enterprise DERMS
February 15, 2024 | by EnergyHub Team Siemens and EnergyHub join forces for next generation DER management

Siemens has partnered with EnergyHub to expand its ecosystem of partners for its grid software business. EnergyHub provides a top-tier grid-edge management solution, which combines its DERMS platform with turnkey program management to enable utilities to scale grid-edge flexibility. EnergyHub controls all classes of DERs including thermostats, electric vehicles, energy storage, and solar inverters. The…

GE Vernova and EnergyHub logos on textured background Enterprise DERMS
February 15, 2024 | by EnergyHub Team GE Vernova and EnergyHub announce partnership to enhance DER management and grid optimization

(New York) September 26, 2023 – GE Vernova’s Digital business and EnergyHub, leaders in Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) software, today announced an innovative partnership aimed at redefining how electric utilities manage distributed energy resources (DERs). This includes solar, energy storage, electric vehicles, and more, as these technologies are widely adopted across the energy…

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