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”Internet-connected products, such as those managed by EnergyHub, can reduce twice as much demand at peak times, at a quarter of the cost of traditional programs.“
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Use EnergyHub's Mercury connected device platform to deploy the demand response program that works for you

Seamlessly launch a demand response program in as little as two days, not two years

Utility-installed demand response

  • Full turnkey demand response program services, including marketing, enrollment, installation, customer support, hardware procurement, device dispatch, and measurement and verification
  • Select from multiple thermostats certified on the EnergyHub platform
  • Manage assets using EnergyHub’s powerful Mercury demand response software

Bring Your Own Thermostat demand response

  • Enroll connected thermostats already installed by connected home service providers in your load control program.

  • Use EnergyHub’s OpenBYOT module to reduce program costs, streamline the launch process, and increase customer choice
  • Partner with any eligible thermostat or connected home vendor in your service territory

Over 1 GW of Peak Load Under Management

Turn 15 billion data points each month into information you can  act on in real time

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”EnergyHub delivers 60% better load shed than traditional switches, and I can initiate a demand response event from my office, or home office.“
Ryan Hentges, VP Corporate Services
Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative
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Flexible approach to demand response

Customizable programs and solutions for your unique DR needs


EnergyHub can manage the entire demand response process, from recruiting to demand response software, so you don’t have to



Or we bring connected devices to you for demand response, saving you recruiting, distribution, installation, and maintenance costs