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National Grid partners with EnergyHub to achieve EV managed charging goals via Connected Solutions program

EnergyHub Team

August 6, 2022

As EV adoption grows, forward thinking utilities are using charging optimization programs to lay the foundation for success in a fully-electrified future. Massachusetts and New York based National Grid is one such grid-edge innovator.

Recognizing the benefits of a proactive approach to EV management, National Grid partnered with EnergyHub to develop the Connected Solutions program. Now in its second year, the program is helping National Grid reduce peak demand EV load today while preparing for rapidly-increasing EV adoption in the years to come.

National Grid engaged EnergyHub to provide a battery EV and PHEV (Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) managed charging program. Connected Solutions currently serves customers who drive a vast majority of EV makes, and more are becoming eligible each year. With more than 21,000 EV drivers in National Grid’s service territory and more vehicles coming on line every day, room for growth is substantial.

NG EVs in operation (1)

EnergyHub delivers a measurable and scalable EV program by working directly with leading automakers to provide managed charging capabilities where possible. By integrating with auto OEMs EnergyHub is able to provide National Grid with the most reliable data and control capabilities possible. 

National Grid has scaled the Connected Solutions program by leveraging industry-leading marketing capabilities. EnergyHub runs both direct marketing and partner marketing programs in collaboration with device OEMs and more than 60 utility clients, experience that has led to development of best practices for driving awareness and enrollment in EV programs. Innovative tactics helped National Grid increase enrollment in Connected Solutions 368% year over year. 

National Grid EV Enrollment 1200x628

National Grid and EnergyHub have developed a roadmap to scale the Connected Solutions program in the year ahead by:

  • Expanding EV and EVSE participation: The addition of more brands paired with future inclusion of EVSE partners, and a technology neutral design, will empower customers to participate through their vehicle or their home charging station.
  • Maximizing benefit to distribution assets: National Grid currently curtails load during peak load events, but plans to eventually group and dispatch EVs and EVSEs to reduce load on specific distribution assets at critical times.
  • Driving enrollment and grid benefit: Fine-tuning incentives and program rules will ensure high enrollment and benefit to the grid, and a recent program evaluation will be instrumental in further program optimization.
  • Laying the foundation for V2G: Adding residential bi-directional chargers when they become available in the US, opening the door to vehicle-to-grid at scale. National grid and EnergyHub already have commercial customers participating via V2G.

Now in its second year, National Grid’s Connected Solutions program has laid the foundation for charging optimization at scale and increased value to the utility, customers, and the climate. Learn more about EnergyHub EV and our industry-leading EV management capabilities here.


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