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EnergyHub System Now Available for Purchase


August 30, 2011

Today we are bringing the power to the people! More like putting the power in your hands – the power to automate, control, and reduce the energy you use in your home. We are pleased to announce that, as of today, anyone in the U.S. can purchase the EnergyHub energy management system for their home, apartment, or houseboat*. It’s a complete system that shows you where you are using electricity and provides you with tools to help you use less of it.

Making this comprehensive energy management system directly available for sale to end-users is a pretty big step forward. Until now, this type of technology was only available through utility-sponsored programs. Our solution is designed with consumers in mind—from the way the Home Base looks on your kitchen counter to the remote access you get with our mobile apps—so we are thrilled to finally get it into your hands.

With the EnergyHub system, you’ll be able to see live energy use information, automatically switch appliances off while you’re away and sleeping, and even control settings while on the go from the web or your iPhone or Android mobile device. You’ll also enjoy increased everyday energy efficiency, lower utility bills, and the feel-good pride that you are doing something meaningful for the environment and your community.

We’ve made it as easy as possible to select, purchase, and install the EnergyHub system that is right for your home. This collection of videos will provide an overview of the system as well as give you important information on how to select the components that will be compatible with your heating and cooling system and your home’s smart meter (if you have one).

A tour of the EnergyHub System


Ensuring Compatibility with the Wireless Thermostat


Which Home Base Will Work with My Electric Meter?

We’ve bundled together certain system components to help you get up-and-running quickly (and save a few bucks). The EnergyHub system is modular and built to be flexible, so you can also choose add-on components individually to create a custom solution for your home.

Here are the packages:

     “Bang-for-your-buck” Bundle

  • Home Base
  • Wireless Thermostat
Starter Kit

  • Home Base
  • Socket
  • Strip
Starter Kit + Wireless Thermostat

  • Home Base
  • Socket
  • Strip
  • Wireless Thermostat


Of course we’re always here to help if you have any questions or need help configuring your EnergyHub system. Just e-mail us at

We are as excited to hear about all the ways EnergyHub helps you manage your home energy use. Once you get your system, please tell us what you think—share your EnergyHub story on our Facebook page. Don’t forget to tweet us @EnergyHub too!

*EnergyHub products are designed for indoor use only.

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