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'Next generation grid-interactive water heating' with Rheem and EnergyHub

Grid-interactive water heaters have the potential to be a massive load management resource for utilities. These devices represent a significant portion of residential load, and water heater aggregations have the ability to provide valuable grid services, such as demand response and load shifting.


In this webinar, which aired July 19, 2018, experts from EnergyHub and Rheem discussed legacy approaches used by utilities to manage water heaters and what utilities are able to do now that grid-interactive and Wi-Fi connected models are on the market. The presenters also covered the real benefits customers and utilities can see from standalone water heater programs, as well as demand-side management programs that include water heaters as an asset class in a portfolio of distributed energy resources (DERs).


The webinar was co-hosted by Matt Johnson, VP of Business Development, and Mike DeBenedittis, VP of Product from EnergyHub alongside Felix Chuang, IoT Partnership Development Manager at Rheem. Send any questions or comments to