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Load forecasting fact sheet

By EnergyHub Team / June 27, 2018 / Comments Off on Load forecasting fact sheet

EnergyHub’s Mercury Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) includes a forecasting capability that utilizes advanced machine learning techniques to predict the complex behavior of fleets of connected DERs, aggregating data from each grid-edge device. The result is program-specific models that are continually optimized, providing consistently accurate forecasts at 15-minute intervals. Mercury produces forecasts with greater than 95…

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Firm Load Dispatch: Remaking the demand response load curve

By Erika Diamond / January 21, 2016 / Comments Off on Firm Load Dispatch: Remaking the demand response load curve

Traditional demand response approaches often deliver unpredictable or undesirable load shapes, preventing a utility from realizing the full benefit of its residential demand response assets. To mitigate this, many utilities use cycling strategies that jeopardize customer comfort and, consequently, customer satisfaction and program retention rates. What utilities really want is a demand response resource that behaves like generation while ensuring customer…

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