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We empower utilities to manage a cleaner, more reliable grid

EnergyHub works with utilities across the country to harness DERs at the grid edge to meet their immediate needs and long-term strategic goals.

Our Clients

DERs with scale and sophistication

EnergyHub works with utilities to manage the largest aggregation of DERs in the industry


Utility clients manage DERs at the grid edge with EnergyHub, including large IOUs, the largest municipal utility in the country, and pioneering co-ops

2,900+ MW

Load under management


Grid service minutes delivered per year

value point Phoenix

Decarbonizing the power grid

More and more utilities are making commitments to reduce their carbon emissions to help combat climate change. EnergyHub works with clients to reduce reliance on fossil-fuel-powered plants and enable the incorporation of renewable energy sources with the grid.


Our customers today want cutting edge technology and they want to know how to manage their energy use. Our programs with EnergyHub offer that, while also helping us learn more about how customers interact with different technologies to more efficiently use the renewable energy already on our grid.

Marc Romito
Director of Customer Technology, Arizona Public Service

Intelligent flexibility for grid reliability

Utilities use EnergyHub’s platform to form and manage reliable virtual power plants that they can count on to meet critical grid needs. We work with clients to develop resources tailored to their needs, whether they’re preparing for the proliferation of new technologies, shaping load on a daily basis, or responding to emergencies during extreme conditions.


The intelligent dispatch capabilities within EnergyHub’s software are vital to helping us control system peak and ultimately reduce cost.

Michael A. Goodroe
President and CEO, Sawnee EMC
value point Atlanta
value point Baltimore

Putting the customer at the center

Our utility clients are able to partner with their customers as part of the solution to immediate and long-term challenges for the grid. Our solutions prioritize the customer experience every step of the way, ensuring a win-win for utilities and their customers.


The EnergyHub Mercury DERMS allows us to execute our vision for the industry’s first DERMS-based EV TOU program alongside a trusted BYOT solution, all with an approach that puts customer experience first.

Mark Case
Vice President of Regulatory Policy and Strategy, Baltimore Gas and Electric

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We empower utilities to harness flexibility at the grid edge to meet their immediate needs and long-term strategic goals. Talk to an EnergyHub expert about your DER needs.