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Ben Arunski

Ben Arunski

Principal Software Engineer
Q: Why do you work at EnergyHub?
A: As an employer, EnergyHub provides a unique combination: it aligns with my skills, values, and hopes for the future, while giving me valuable opportunities to grow.
Q: Why did you come to EnergyHub?
A: Coming from the world of finance, I hoped to use my skills toward a higher purpose at a mission-driven company. After a slow start finding openings at big-name nonprofits, I discovered and scoured it for the right match. EnergyHub ranked first out of three contenders, thanks to its unique mission and fit.
Q: How does your work impact climate change?
A: My current work enhances our positive impact by making EnergyHub systems even more stable for current users and smoother to operate for new partners.
EnergyHub provides solutions that are foundational to a sustainable power grid.
Q: What have you learned about climate since you’ve been here?
A: Extreme weather events are not just a result of climate change; they can also cause our energy infrastructure to feed back into the process. EnergyHub is helping our energy systems to evolve!
Q: What's your advice for job seekers looking for meaningful work on climate?
A: EnergyHub is a great choice! But if current openings don’t quite align with your skills, check out for other opportunities.
Q: What is your favorite local spot to grab a bite?
A: In my work-from-home-town of West Hartford, Connecticut, every item on Zohara’s menu is fantastic.  I am new to Brooklyn, but I’m already impressed by the top-notch French food at Bacchus Bistro.
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